Revital Gesundheitshotel Aspach GmbH
Company reference: Villa Vitalis
Managing Director: Dr. Günther Beck

Company register number: FN 229246 b
Company registration court: Regional court Ried im Innkreis
Authority according to ECG: District authority Braunau/Inn
Chamber membership: Upper Austria trade group of Health Enterprises, Tourism and Recreation Sector; test certification according to § 82 b GewO 1994
VAT: ATU56349204
DVR. 0850047

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Picture credits

Aroma Derm, Thalgo, !QMS, Innpuls/Wohlschlager, Sternthaler, Griese, Mühlleitner, Trost, s’Innviertel, Smetana, Sensorio, Standl