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Regulat Beauty Anti-Aging

Regulat Beauty is a cosmetics line. The individual products harmonise and develop their full effect when used together. They contain the precious Regulat essence, a patented solution for unique enzyme activation and increased energy production in the skin cells. The interaction of these two effects, which the principle of “life” is based on, results in optimal cell metabolism. The skin finds its natural homeostasis and becomes healthier every day. The result are an even skin tone, a clear complexion, tight and energised skin tissue and the skin’s structure becomes silky and velvety.

Revital Meso Beauty Programme

Enjoy the mesotherapy skin care programme for anyone, which rejuvenates and regenerates the skin, without needles or scarring. With the help of a metal roll-on applicator, valuable substances such as hyaluronic acid, radical catchers, vitamins as well as homoeopathic substances are infused into additional skin pores which are created with gentle electrical impulses for a few milliseconds. We will deep-cleanse your skin before the first treatment.

Meso Anti Aging

The care programme reduces noticeable signs of aging of the skin around the eyes and on the forehead. You will notice visible effects on fine lines around the mouth and neckline. Your skin will look fresher. We recommend a treatment for lasting results.

!QMS Medicosmetics

!QMS is the revolutionary anti-aging cosmetics line by Dr. med. Erich Schulte, a recognised cosmetic surgeon and expert in cellular skin rejuvenation who delivers spectacular results. The product line is based on the “Quick Medical Skin” formula, which uses natural collagen. They are protein compounds which bring about deep regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin: scars fade, loose tissue tightens within a few weeks, wrinkles becomes visibly smoother, and a pale complexion becomes fresh and youthful.

!QMS - Classic

The highly concentrated collagen of this exclusive fast-acting treatment makes your skin supple and gives it vitality. The treatment is ideal for dry and stressed skin.

!QMS Relax-O-Firm

This treatment rids your facial skin of dead skin particles and cornification. A moisturising mask then calms and regenerates your skin.


As a synonym of thalassotherapy – beauty and health from the sea – the French brand THALGO has been offering authentic care concepts based on precious maritime substances for almost 50 years. The products are based on marine algae. The micronutrients they contain are very well absorbed by the skin and their natural origin makes them particularly well tolerated, providing the skin with sustained nourishment with immediately visible effects.

Anti-Aging care with marine collagen

For skin from the age of 30: fine lines to visible wrinkles. This treatment with instant effect contains a complex of substances derived from marine collagen which supply the skin with intense moisture and have a regenerating effect. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and their development is delayed. The collagen booster is a true youth concentrate. It makes the skin radiant and gives it a healthy glow.

Anti-Aging care with marine hyaluronics

For skin from the late 30s, fights visible wrinkles. The hyaluronic complex specifically treats visible wrinkles and makes them look less deep. A collagen booster is like a youth concentrate. You will exude radiance with tightened, even and smoother looking skin and a youthful complexion.

Anti-Aging care with marine silicon

For skin from the late 40s: fights visible wrinkles and sagging skin. The efficient substances effectively fight sagging skin, giving the skin a lifted look. The collagen booster is a true youth concentrate. Thanks to a sculpting double mask with instant effect, your skin tone will radiate and you will have a tightened and even complexion.

Men Ocean Care

Special care for men. This treatment revitalises and refreshes the skin with algae extracts. Plant-based, marine substances smoothen skin stressed from daily shaving. The treatment refreshes, moisturises and provides vigour and vitality.

THALGO - classic facial treatment

This facial treatment brings your skin back into balance. Your skin is pampered with high grade extracts from the sea tailored to your individual needs.

Pampering programme for your face

In addition to our facial treatments using high-quality cosmetics lines, you can also book the following applications:

Lymph drainage

Has a purifying, balancing and relaxing effect.

Facial massage

Relaxing massage of the face, neck and head, which revitalises your skin and gives your face a beautiful radiance.

Anti-Age eye treatment

Stimulating special treatment with instant effect.


Make-up for your type that perfectly accentuates your complexion.

Eye magic

Eyelashes and eyebrows colouring, eyebrow plucking, eye care.

Fresh colour

Eyelashes and eyebrows colouring.

Wellness for hands and feet

Treat your hands and feet to a little break. The manicure and pedicure are part of our basic range. The pedicure is performed by medically trained chiropodists.

Manicure | Express manicure

Pedicure | Express pedicure

Paraffin hand pack

Hair removal with hot wax


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