Metabolic Balance Slim & Beauty

for 7 days

Your metabolism can be thrown off track as a result of poor diet, not enough exercise, due to old age, due to genetic predisposition or disease. Metabolic Balance® helps regulate your metabolism sustainably and for the long term and gives you more vitality and energy.

On the basis of a blood analysis and with medical and dietician support, a Metabolic Balance® diet plan will be drawn up that is tailored to you, and complementary therapies further simulate the metabolism and help you detox.

Day of arrival: Sunday

This health package can also be booked for 14 days or together with an existing Metabolic Balance® diet plan (booster week).

Included services:
  • Initial consultation incl. blood sample
  • Introductory consultation with a dietician including diet planning 
  • Final consultation with a dietician
  • Blood analysis and Metabolic Balance® diet plan
  • 2 matrix rhythm therapy treatments to stimulate the metabolism and promote the drainage of toxins
  • 1 bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • 1 Detox massage
  • 2 alkaline wrap
  • 2 Jungebad oil dispersion bath therapies with head massage

Follow-up support:

  • Metabolic Balance® book
  • Follow-up support with a dietician over the phone

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