Vitalis MedBasic

according to Dr. Beck for 7 days

The Health Package Vitalis MedBasic is especially recommended if you want to have a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your health status.

Included services:

  • 2 medical consultations with a doctor to assess your current health situation and to discuss the results of the diagnostic procedures
  • 1 holopathy informational diagnosis according to Dr. Steiner
  • 1 Vitalis massage
  • 1 CRS® metabolic analysis providing valuable information concerning connective tissue, metabolic acidosis, nutritional needs, immune defense and much more
  • 1 Detox massage
  • 1 matrix rhythm therapy to stimulate the metabolism and promote the drainage of toxins

Therapeutic indications:

  • Severe acidification, heavy metal exposure, chronic diseases
  • Allergies, rheumatic diseases
  • Immune disorders, susceptibility to infection, neurodermatitis
  • Metabolic and weight regulation, strengthening of the connective tissue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Burnout, overstrain syndrome

Days of arrival: Sunday - Thursday

We recommend a minimum stay of 6 nights. The health package can also be booked for 14 days or with additional content based on the consultation.

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