Vitalis MedSpecial

according to Dr. Beck for 7 days

Dr. Beck‘s Vitalis MedSpecial is a holistic package with an innovative, holistic medical view of regulatory disorders, classical diagnostics and very specific and effective therapeutic treatments.

The Health Package Vitalis MedSpecial is especially recommended if you want to have a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your health status.

Included services:

  • 2 medical consultations with a doctor to assess your current health situation and to discuss the results of the diagnostic procedures
  • 1 holopathy informational diagnosis according to Dr. Steiner
  • 1 bio-electric terrain analysis (BE-T-A) according to Prof. Vincent
  • 1 dark field microscopic analysis: a special microscopic analysis of the blood
  • 1 HRV 24-hours-stress test to determine the level of stress and the regulatory capacity of the nervous system
  • 1 micronutrient- and meurotransmitter analysis to determine the individual micronutrient profile and to create an individual vital substance recipe
  • 1 matrix rhythm diagnosis: a dynamic diagnosis of disease-causing processes on the level of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
  • 1 holopathy therapy treatment to compensate for individual energetic disbalances
  • 2 AlphaSphere treatments for deep relaxation
  • 1 light-tone therapy to enhance the capability for concentration and deep relaxation
  • 1 matrix rhythm therapy treatments to improve cell logistics
  • 1 shower hydrotherapy according to Dr. Lust, with a refreshing head massage
  • 1 Jungebad oil dispersion bath with head massage
  • 1 individual training based on the results of the diagnosis

For at home:

  • QuintDrink station for use at home: a long lasting energetic therapy for more vitality as well as to promote concentration and regenerative powers
  • Detox Natural Minerals: natural substances to physiologically support the body’s own detoxification processes as well as the individual optimization of vital substances for binding and removing harmful substances

Therapeutic indications:

  • Severe acidification, heavy metal exposure, chronic diseases
  • Allergies, rheumatic diseases
  • Immune disorders, susceptibility to infection, neurodermatitis
  • Metabolic and weight regulation, strengthening of the connective tissue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Burnout, overstrain syndrome

We recommend a minimum stay of 6 nights. The health package can also be booked for 14 days or with additional content based on the consultation.

Days of arrival: Sunday - Thursday

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