Balance for
body and spirit.

Vitalis MedConcept - Therapy

Individual therapies on the basis of diagnosis

The choice of treatment procedures and their combination is made on the basis of the results of the holistic medical diagnosis. They are targeted towards your requirements to maximise the success of your treatment. Your organism is brought into balance with your endogenous energy field. Immunity and the immune system are strengthened, you feel fit and revitalised.

Specialist competence and friendliness

Dr. med. Günther Beck - Director of the Villa Vitalis Medical Health Resorts - and his experienced team are responsible for the medical care and carrying out the holistic medical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Director of Therapy

Stefan Schäfer


Eva Daller


Arthur Zoppelt

We strengthen your body and mind.

Medical specialist competence meets a true atmosphere of well-being.

Revitalize yourself.

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