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Individual treatment concepts for long-term health


Vitalis massage

The Vitalis massage is a combination of reflexology, connective tissue, acupuncture point and traditional massage. These proven massage techniques relax the muscles, firm the connective tissue and regulate the energy state of the body.

Sound bowl massage

Sounds and vibrations from the various sound bowls create a new harmony. A gentle method of relaxation and stress reduction.

Hot stone massage

Through the stimulation of the meridians in the body, your organ systems harmonise. The whole organism is charged with new energy and strengthened.

Detox massage

The combination of brush massage, colon treatment and a salt-oil rub stimulates the detoxification of the whole body through the skin and intestine and in addition activates your connective tissue. A detox tea is served with the massage.

Sports massage

During the sports massage, techniques from all massage methods are used. An accelerated regeneration and a harmonisation of the muscle metabolism are achieved.

Aromatic oil massage

During this relaxing massage, the Vitalis masseurs treat you to selected plant-based aromatic oils.

Full-body massage

The basis for this treatment is therapeutic massage, which improves circulation and creates a feeling of well-being and looseness.

Back / neck massage

A back / neck massage is not only soothing for tense back muscles, it also relaxes the whole body and has a harmonising effect on the mind.

Tuina massage

Blockages of the meridians are released, energy flow is stimulated and the organs are positively influenced. The Tuina massage is recommended in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to prevent diseases.

Lymph drainage

With the technique of manual lymph drainage, lymph flow and therefore also the immune function of the immune system are stimulated. Lymph drainage has an anti-inflammatory, calming and deblocking effect and reduces pain.

Foot reflexology massage

Our whole body is reflected in our feet. Through this massage, weakened zones are stimulated and overstimulated zones are calmed.

Acupuncture massage

The acupuncture massage works as a regulation therapy on the basis of Chinese energy theory. This form of massage creates a balance between YIN and YANG and leads to physical and mental well-being.

Dorn-Breuss method

The Dorn-Breuss method is a spine and joint treatment in which the position of the spine or the joint is corrected through pressure. The aim is to ease pain and improve function.

Herb stamp massage

This especially effective form of massage with fragrant stamps and warm oils stimulates cell renewal in the skin, has a relaxing effect and stimulates blood flow.

Breuss massage

The Breuss massage is a gentle, energetic back massage that releases mental and physical tension.

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