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Vitalis MedConcept - Therapy


Individual treatment concepts for long-term health

Physical therapies


In osteopathic treatment, one can identify restrictions of movement among bony, organic and muscular structures. Due to the holistic treatment of these restrictions, physical and mental well-being soon sets in.

Therapeutic gymnastics

Therapeutic gymnastics is among the most important treatments for orthopaedic and trauma surgery complaints, as well as problems of the whole locomotor system. Targeted movement sequences support the healing process, stabilise the musculoskeletal system and lead to a rapid easing of pain.

Therapeutic gymnastics on a neurophysiological basis

The therapeutic gymnastics on a neurophysiological basis comprises treatment for diseases and injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system. Using special techniques, the interaction between the brain, nerve and muscle is restored.

Scoliosis therapy according to Schroth

This form of therapy serves the correction of posture disorders and weaknesses e.g. in cases of scoliosis (misalignment of the spine). This results in a special gymnastics that serves the purpose of lasting easing.

Craniosacral therapy

Using a gentle technique, pain and tension triggered by the spine are reduced. Blockades are released and you feel free and carefree. Craniosacral therapy is a part of osteopathy.


Mental, physical and social restrictions following illness, an accident or a development disorder are treated.

Personal coaching

Individual indoor or outdoor training together with a physiotherapist. The contents can range from back training to relaxation training.

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