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Individual treatment concepts for long-term health

Regulation therapies


The infusion and injection concept by Dr. Beck is a central pillar of the whole therapy concept. Through the intravenous or intramuscular administration of highly effective organic substances, regeneration processes can be supported quickly, effectively and lastingly. The injection and infusion protocol is adapted to your individual requirements. High-dosage vitamin infusions, the proven ProcCluster® base infusion concept or specific mixtures of minerals, trace elements and amino acids are used, among others. The concept is supplemented if required with activating and strengthening injections.

Holopathy therapy

Here, individual substance vibrations are transmitted to your endogenous information and energy field. This brings about a quick reduction of possible illness symptoms or pain and leads within a short time to stress reduction and greater vitality.

Matrix rhythm therapy

With the matrix rhythm therapy, nerve receptors are physiologically harmonised. The own vibration of your body and cells is stimulated. Toxic substances in the connective tissue are eliminated better, metabolic processes normalise and painful disorders in the cartilage, vessel and nerve tissue can regenerate.


In this infiltration method, active substances are administered through local application according to the principle by Dr. Michael Pistor “little - rarely - in the right place”. This stimulates cell metabolism and the active substances can unfold their healing effect within a short time. This is gentle and effective, providing support against stress and states of exhaustion, immune weakness and headache.

Oxyven® oxygen therapy

With the Oxyven® therapy according to Dr. med. Regelsberger, medical oxygen is administered through the vein. This brings about the formation of endogenous, vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory substances that also improves circulation throughout the body. This has a positive effect on the immune system, sight and hearing, pain, as well as the whole cardiovascular system and sleeping behaviour.

Haemo-laser infusion

In haemo-laser thereapy, the metabolism of the blood cells is optimised through direct radiation of the blood with energy-rich laser light. The flow properties of the blood are positively influenced, furthermore blood flow and therefore the oxygen supply to the whole organism are increased.

Hypoxia therapy

By breathing in oxygen-reduced air, similar to spending time in high mountains, self-healing powers are activated. Your consulting doctor decides about the “altitude” (oxygen content of the air) and therefore the intensity of the therapy.

Interval hypoxia hyperoxia therapy

This form of therapy is similar to altitude training, but is based on an alternating oxygen supply and oxygen withdrawal. It supports the regeneration capacity of the power sources of our body cells, the mitochondria. Cell training is used in the area of chronic or degenerative diseases such as allergies, bronchial asthma, high blood pressure or burnout and sleep disorders. The increase in performance, improvement to general stress resistance and strengthening of the immune system are just a few of the positive effects.

Light-sound therapy, deep relaxation

The light and sound therapy supports mental regeneration, improves concentration and therefore reduces mental stress burdens.


In a room sphere in deep blue, the person perceives specially composed sound structures and vibrations through the whole body. You experience truly deep relaxation with an energising effect.

ACP injection

ACP therapy is a 100% natural and well-tolerated pain therapy, which provides pain relief for most injuries of the musculoskeletal system (torn muscle fibres, tendinitis) as well as for sports injuries and arthritis. The blood platelets begin to restore the diseased tissue and inhibit painful inflammation. With its enhanced concentration of growth factors, ACP therapy also supports the body's own regeneration process.

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